One afternoon while cruising the web, searching for a particular application my sister needs, I had this sudden urge to look up an app that enables me to draw on my phone. I kept thinking that maybe (just maybe), I will have a spark with Arts!

I have no formal lessons with Art. I mean Elementary and HS classes not included. But what if I’ll discover my passion somewhere along the line? Maybe I should try ? Especially since I am a 24 year old girl who is yet to discover her driving force?

Am I really that late- fanger? (Sorry, Hotel Transylvania reference!)

Is this really Quarter Life Crisis?




Not cohesive post. Sorry. Just spilling thoughts here 🙂


The featured image is the product of this let-me-try-to-draw thing. Somemone told me it is acceptable as a book cover. I am thinking of a contemporary YA!