Christmas season is really here, don’t you think? Well, in Philippines it already started ever since the Ber months arrived (Sept, Oct, Nov, and finally, Dec!). Accompanied by this is the endless merry making and happy gift giving.

It’s time for Monito’s and Monita’s!

And if you happen to be looking for something sweet, soft and fluffy, why not Cotton Candy!

Remember, today is Cotton Candy Day!

Here are some facts about this treat.

Five Food Finds about Cotton Candy: Cotton candy was originally called fairy floss. The process by which cotton candy is made has been around for over 100 years. It was forgotten several decades ago, but cotton candy became an instant hit when suddenly it was mass produced and became readily accessible to everyone – not […]

via December 7th is National Cotton Candy Day — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays