Ever felt that unshakable urge to type your resignation letter and immediately hand it to your supervisor?

That despair every Sunday afternoon because tomorrow is yet another day to go to work?

Are you literally dragging yourself for another 8- hour typing, coding (or whatever the nature of your work is)?

Coupled it with missed career opportunities, not on time promotions, no career growth and some people that may not actually care about you (just the revenue), the perfect formula for unhappy employee.


I am your typical employee. Imagine me as someone no different than your situation. I am that girl whose constantly typing, scrolling or doing whatever in her computer.

I am that chatterbox when she is with her office friends during lunch. I am rereading every email that I will send to my superiors. I am averting my gaze when someone of importance was in my way. Or if the situation calls, I will be giving my small smile if I bumped into someone I know.

But also, I am the unhappy employee.

After college, my expectations were really high- I will be having my dream job, people around me are nice, there are willing mentors, opportunities will be presented, and most of all- I will be valued.

But sadly, here in my first job, I feel nothing like I dreamed of.

What is lacking in the higher ups in the corporate ladder nowadays is that they tend to forget what it felt like to be clinging to the bottom rung-  no security but all hard work. Yes, we all needed the money. We needed to provide for our families, for our loved ones that matters to us the most. But we need also to feel appreciated. That there will be people who will say, “Good job!”, someone who will tell you how important your role is, someone who will make the necessary documents to raise your pay, and someone who will let you grow.

And again, sadly, I do not feel appreciated at all.

I am itching my hands to free myself from all of these stresses. But I simply cannot.

Our company has its so called “bond” (apt, don’t you think? Bond = Bondage). It is three (long, excruciating) years of staying as an employee and also is the same worth as the training they have given you.

Several things had happened to me that make me want to end it all. To make me, to the very least, expose the true culture of this commercial business.

I do not wish for anyone to have the same experience with me. So trust me, I had it worse.

I am counting my days to freedom. I know I will have some graduation goggles – to the friends I will be leaving behind, to the proximity of this office. But I know I really am looking forward to free my stresses and to chase that dream job I almost forget.

Source: How many days until 18th August 2017?