We always have that drawer – messy and cluttered. The type you tried not to open but have to. Have your parents complained about a million times how unorganized are you?

You need socks and have problem finding the other pair? Or have you went somewhere wearing mismatched items?

Why don’t we start a project by fixing your clutter and at the same time engaging yourselves to some crafts?

Now, now. Interested?

Our friends from Nifty on Buzzfeed provided us with nice little tutorial!

You need these:


Hot glue gun

Ready? Let’s start!


1. Take a sheet of felt (laying horizontally) and put 3 lines of hot glue on it: one on left edge, one on the right edge and one in the center.
2. Place another sheet of felt on top of that.
3. On the new top piece of felt, place 2 lines of glue centered in between the 3 previous lines you made on the first sheet.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 about 4 times.
5. Once the glue is dry, cut the felt in half horizontally. Glue the 2 chunks of felt together.
6. When all the glue is dry, expand the felt to reveal a honeycomb pattern.

There you go!

Easy peasy?

Go start paring your socks and what- not!

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Happy crafting!