So, the whole world knows Kimi No Na Wa – a Japanese movie taking the movie theaters (and the WWW) by storm. For those not yet aware of this phenom, grab your popcorns and head to the nearest movie house with you (or in Philippines’ case, next month! <3. Please see related articles!).

Did you know too that those sceneries in the movie where our beloved Taki- kun and Mitsuha roamed are based from REAL life places in Japan?

So if you are booking your next trip on JP (like my co- blogger here!), take note of the following places and pose for a picture, would you?

We are hoping to see it, too! (Avid fan and all!)

Your regular anime girllllll,

Magel ❤

Makoto Shinkai’s new film, “Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)” premiered in Japan August, 2016 and is popular among all ages. Famous landmarks were used throughout the movie because the audience can easily recognize the locations.

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