Recently, we started our blog. We were not in anyway had the basic know- how (imagine our horror dealing with menu’s!). But it is indeed worth a try. I gathered my courage to start it, and whatever the theme my eyes landed and had huge interest on, I started using. Well, I’m quite fascinated with a lot. Haha!

For about four months, we used the Pique theme (We are using the free, by the way). It is a stylish theme with  a one-page scrolling website, and tada the images scrolls too! But since I wanted to start the site in a whim, I forgot to read its documentation, which looking back, would probably help me deal with the layout and on how to maximize the site.

Here you go:

Image from the Pique documentation

Now, out of the blue and possibly out of curiosity, I decided to change the theme!

I wonder though how would this turn out.

We want some feedback too 🙂 (Well, aside from those people that I pestered! Haha).