Since people kept falling to the usual norms nowadays (Well, hello Instagram- worthy pics!), here are the best pointers (!!!!!!) in the true art of Photography! #Photography

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You can’t be shy when you’re photographing people. It helps if you like people, interact with them, and get to know them a bit. Be upfront about what you’re doing.

Russ Taylor, aka NomadRuss, is a cultural documentary and NGO photographer, as well as wilderness guide who’s been leading trips for over twenty years. His adventures span the globe, from Southeast Asia to South America, and throughout the United States, too, which he documents on his photoblog.

From gorgeous landscapes to snapshots of people, his photography is varied and full of life, reflecting the many places he’s trekked and cultures he’s observed. Last fall, he published a blog post with tips on photographing people that is practical, accessible, and inspiring — and the accompanying images are incredible. We’re happy to invite him as a guest contributor to share it with you. 

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