By Mary Ann Grace Espares Llavores

NOTE: This article is yet to be finished! :). Uploading some of my own (unfinished!!!!) works for the meantime (for the sake of trying to Blog!). :). 

Entering the industry was a fresh experience coming from the academe. You have expectations that you always hope to be fulfilled. After what felt like hundred years of school uniforms and 5- minute- bell before your classes, finally, you did it. We are one with the country’s working force. We are the machinery that fuels our government. We contribute. Finally.

Let me refresh that whirring blessing in our heads. When your parents first saw you as little bundle of joy writhing in their arms and announcing loudly your presence in this world, they dreamt. They wished that you will be that person who will change the world. Or pretty much, they just wanted you to be one with the world – complete with its then greener pasture and full of flowing life. So they taught you with ABC’s and 123’s. Your parents broke their backs by sending you to the best form of education they can afford. They were glowing with pride when you brought home your Most Punctual yellow ribbon or your 10- peso gold medal. They were shining, literally.

After the elementary and secondary years, they were still sporting that same resolve- you will be their successful child. Your parents scrape all their accounts sending you to school and giving you your whims. They instilled in you that an educated person will always be in the higher rung of career ladder.

Your final years in college was excruciating. Remember, the thesis days? Remember black circles in your eyes that any amount of concealer can cover up? How about that prof everybody had grudges with? Or the time when you just try to keep your eyes open? You can’t help but smile because those days were over and you were just waiting to join another task force – work or in my case, to pass the board exam and then that task force.

Given the innovative nature of people, applying is as easy as search, upload and click. Voila! Effort done, now we wait. I remembered that upon uploading my CV, I received a text message for a potential employer. Elated, I pulled every resource I could find. I never went to that employer again. Then came next employer. They raised their banner, “Welcome to Corporate World”. I was smitten.